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The Assassin's Codaci
ISBN-13: 979-8514037988
Following disaster in Darkscape, Ami is determined to find her friends who've been lost to the layers of reality. She's travelled to the darkest and most mysterious of places, the castle at Noxumbra, to find the answers.

Yet unbeknownst to her, others are still fleeing the calamities set in motion, the desolation of the dragon vast. More than one fall into the arms of the powerful Blood and Council, those that desperately seek the completion of the elemental Codaci.

When power calls to power, Ami has to decide which path to follow, and whether to trust her elders to lead her on her quest, or the dead?

Something's coming ...

The Assassin's Codaci is the third book in the series, venturing far beyond the Land of Legacy, into the deepest of shadows.

Available in Kindle ebook and paperback editions.