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Blake Rivers
Hi, I’m Will Blake Rivers and as you may have guessed by now, I’m a writer.

Yup, that’s right, I write books and I wrote my first novel in 2011 when I was twenty-eight. But I was writing long before that. I started writing when I was just seven years old.

Back then it was mostly poems about whatever interested me at the time, be it the seasons or the planets, or my love for libraries and books. I also turned my hand to a few short stories, all hand written and lost over time.

Growing up, I was the youngest of three and the only boy, giving me the spoilt child moniker—an award I won for many years—and though my upbringing was unconventional, I at least got to move house four times, schools six times, and counties twice, giving me a good all-round view of the world. I considered myself much wiser for the experience of childhood, but much less happy, and I was glad to leave it behind.

I don’t remember why I started writing, but I do remember what inspired me to do it. It was Yuri, writing his poems to Lara in the frozen house in the film Dr Zhivago, and the beautiful music played, Lara’s Theme; it was the sound of the typewriter at the very start of the film Misery, where Paul Sheldon finishes his latest book.

These still inspire me to this day, along with whole host of other influences: the novels by Anne Rice, Stephen King, Patricia Cornwell, J.K. Rowling, to name a few; any movie that shows a typewriter; and my secret passion: documentaries on how other writers write. Sad? Perhaps, but true.

My most sacred inspiration has to be my magical soulmate, Emi. Her imagination, talent and creativity is all the nitrous oxide fuel I need to conjure up other worlds and to write about them. I spend my time working a day job, like most writers, but on evenings, weekends and the occasional holidays, I write, dream and create with Emi, who is an amazing artist in her own right. We spend a great deal of time taking walks along the coast, looking for magical portals and searching for shark’s teeth, hoping always to find the secrets of the sea.

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