The World

from the assassin princess novel

Explore the layers of lands and settlements where ancient lords would roam, ‘tween trees and hills, cross mountains and streams, through valleys and dark old ravines.

Come with us into the darkest forests, where cold shadows are said to groan.

The Created World

Legacy & Edorus

Long, long ago, a settlement was founded upon the highest mountain of the desolate Edorus range. Helped along by magic and power stolen from the mystical unicorns, the settlement thrived, growing over thousands of years into the prosperous city of Legacy.


The stolen power was cast by the ruling lords, carving the steep rocky slopes into roads and streets, fertile lands for farms and fields; whilst upon the peak stood the Castle of Legacy.

Now a bustling city with a large population, Legacy enjoys trade with the lower outposts, such as the Commune Valley and the outlying Madorus farms and hermitages.


The Commune Valley

There are always those who believe the grass to be greener, and over time those folk form settlements of their own.

One such group took to living at the foot of the twin hills edging the Planrus Lands, within sight of the Edorus Mountains. The valley soon became the unofficial gateway into Legacy’s domain, and as such, a ramshackle trading post for all manner of rebels and rogues.

Most structures line a single roadway between the hills. The taverns retain a questionable reputation.


The Planrus Lands & Forest

Not much is known about the Planrus Lands, only that they are very hilly. To stand upon one of the highest fells is to look across the world entire; and with large hills come deep valleys, rich in apple orchards and timid fresh-water brooks.

At its edge, before the great river that divides Planrus from Solancra, is a large forest.

Upon a single hill is a single Fort of stone. It’s thought to be a religious sanctuary, though its original purpose and use has never been fully understood or recorded.


The Solancra Valley & Forest

The land of Solancra is blessed as the magical realm of the unicorns. Although these mystical creatures dwell mostly in the Solancra Forest, they do graze upon the valley meadows.

The forest can be a treacherous trek for travellers though, for the unicorns are wary of newcomers and do not take kindly to unexpected change. This stems from an incident many thousands of years past where a man killed one of their kind, stealing the unicorn’s crystal horn and the power it held.


The Madorus Lands

Otherwise known as the Wet Lands, Madorus is mostly made up of marshland due to the constantly flooding rivers. Though sparsely populated, there are a few farms that make use of the arable soil, allowing them to grow crops for trade that are unique to the region.

If ever travelling in the Madorus Lands, it is recommended by the folk of Legacy to wear warm clothing, and beware of hermits.



Although not much is known about the land of Noxumbra, much is speculated. A dense and dark, mountainous region at opposition to Edorus, it is said that the last Prince of Legacy resides in these mountains, within a black castle of his own making. It is said that Noxumbra is a cursed land, the soil flakes of coal, the rock burned by forgotten creatures, never to sustain life again.

And of the last Prince of Legacy, he is said to be a sorcerer of evil, the Little Prince of Hatred, biding his time until he might revenge himself upon his former lands. Or, so they say…


The Mortrus Lands

This land is a black forest of dead trees, closed and impenetrable. None may gain entry, though many have tried; except, of course, for the tales of those that did. Monstrous stories of the careless missing, of madmen returning.

The only folk that truly know are the Lords of Legacy, who emerge from the black forests of the Mortrus Lands when they succeed their fathers, and return the same way when their time is done. But none will talk of it. For what truly exists beyond the boundaries of those black, thick trunks?


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