The Creatures

from the assassin princess novel

Stalking the inked paragraphs and pages of this book, are fantastic creatures of the night and the light.

Be they dark and monstrous, or gloriously found, what we know of them now is all written down.

The Unicorns

The unicorns live and breed within the Solancra Forest. Their number is unknown, but a few can usually be found drinking from the river at the edge of their lands, and many more grazing upon the wild meadows of the Solancra Valley.

Said to be an ancient creature, the unicorn is both powerful and wise. Resembling a horse in almost every way, the unicorn’s magic, when used, is channeled through its long, crystalline horn that spirals to a tapered point. Unlike a horse, though, the unicorn can talk like any man or woman, understand concepts that elude others, and appear fiercely protective of the status quo: they don’t like change.

It is rumoured that the unicorns descended from beings that existed long before humans, and it was unicorn magic that founded the homestead that became the great mountain city of Legacy.

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