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from the assassin princess novel

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Ami Rose

Who is Ami? – Ami is an art student, a young woman with passion and imagination, with dreams of far away, fantastical places.

What has been hidden from her? – Never had she suspected that the worlds she dreamed of were real, that her past, present and future would forever be changed by them; that she was an absent ruler, the princess of a mountainous land.

But a shadow lies in her path.


Hero of the Guard

Who is Hero? – Hero captains the Guard of Legacy, whose duty it is to protect their mountain city until the heir of the lord returns.

What has been hidden from him? – Adam, the dark, estranged son of the former lord. He’s found the missing heir in another layer of the world, and Hero must reach her first to protect her from Adam’s twisted black magic.

But time is running out.


Adam of Legacy

Who is Adam? – Adam is the son of the last Lord of Legacy. Disinherited and exiled for his cruelty and malice, his dark powers brood in jealous thought, plotting revenge upon his father.

What has been hidden from him? – Ami, the princess from another layer. She who would take his place and humiliate him further.

But if he can reach her, he can destroy her, and take Legacy back for himself.