Long Time Update

Hello there. I will keep this quite short. I have not been writing recently, not for the last couple of months actually. On 12th February 2019 I found out that my mother had passed away that day. Since that point, although life has continued on for me, the urgency of writing and pushing forward with my third book has fallen to the wayside.

However, I hope to pick this back up this month. I have only a couple of chapters to go to finish this current re-draft of the third novel, and I know that I always feel good when I’m writing, so to finish off that pass of the novel and not allow so much work to languish untouched for too long, will certain be a good thing.

My mother and I were not close. Not since I was 11 anyway, and I am now 36. It is not such a deep score in my heart as what it may have been had we had communication, had we not lived so far apart and such separate lives; but I did gain my love of books, reading, the arts, from her. For that, I shall always be grateful.

More shall come from Blake Rivers. Slowly, but certainly. I’ll get there.

My Best, Blake.

Book Availability & Website Updates

Over the past few weeks I have been getting everything ready to update you on two main areas.

1 – Book Availability

The first two novels of the Assassin Princess Novels series, The Assassin Princess and A Step into Darkscape are now available on the following stores:

Apple Books / Amazon Kindle & Paperback / Kobo Books / Barnes & Noble Nook / Scribd / 24 Symbols / Playster / Angus & Robertson and possibly a few others not yet mentioned.

The links for these stores (all but Amazon) can be found here:



I was very much looking forward to having my novels available to buy through the Apple Books Store as I’m an avid user of Apple’s products and services, and was excited to see my books displayed on an iPad and iPhone.

2 – Website Updates

I have also been working hard to open up the blakerivers.com website with more content about the books, the characters, the creatures and the worlds they all come from. Now, my start on this is modest, but its really about providing you with tasters and extras about the worlds I started writing about.

I will also be adding content about the new book, the third novel in the series so that even before it has been released, you can find a little out to explore.

You can see this extra content as it grows:

The Assassin Princess page.

A Step into Darkscape page.

That’s really it for now. I’ll add another post and hopefully a regular blog soon.


So, what is going on with Blake?

After an eight month break from writing, I decided that I needed to come back to it. Never have I been so long away from this passion of mine. So I ask, as the title says, what is going on with Blake?

Firstly, I finished the first draft of my third book some time ago. Done, finished, excellent, or so you might think. Actually, not so, as that was only the first draft. Then, I finished the second draft of my third book, and huge chunks of the story changed. Well done! Then, I started the third draft of my…well, you see how this is going?

Writing a book takes time, and getting the first words out, (the first words, or the first 100,000 words) is sometimes the easy bit. It is certainly the first bit. Then comes the reading back what you wrote, forewarned, forewarned I tell you, that it will read like crap, and then comes the working with that crap into the almost-gem you kind of envisioned.

Every book is the wreck of a perfect idea.

– Iris Murdoch

Iris was right. It will never turn out quite how you first envisioned it, but you can only hope that it turns out better. I’ll let the reader decide on that while I move on to the next project.

Anyhow, this third book was originally called Of Colours and Shades but has more recently been renamed The Assassin’s Codaci. These last two months I have managed to push through the editing and redrafting of nine chapters so far, and I hope to get the whole book ready for its next shake-down certainly by the end of this year. It’s a bigger book than I have written before, in regard to word count, and also plot and subject matter. There are quite a few main characters, and each of their chapters are, at least initially, separate from each other. It’s not a new idea. I don’t think there are any truly new ideas out there anymore, just renewed old ones, but…it’s all new to me, so that’s why it’s taking the extra time. (Plus the eight month break didn’t help).

So, that’s what is going on with Blake. Writing, thankfully, and mostly consistently. Most importantly, the book is being completed. This will be the third in the Assassin Princess Novels series, and for now at least, the last. Then I shall move on to other projects that won’t be fantasy based, I feel. That’s not to say a fourth won’t appear, but certainly, not immediately.

I am truly excited to get Codaci finished and get it out there, and I obviously hope that people will enjoy it. I certainly do. 🙂