Long Time Update

Hello there. I will keep this quite short. I have not been writing recently, not for the last couple of months actually. On 12th February 2019 I found out that my mother had passed away that day. Since that point, although life has continued on for me, the urgency of writing and pushing forward with my third book has fallen to the wayside.

However, I hope to pick this back up this month. I have only a couple of chapters to go to finish this current re-draft of the third novel, and I know that I always feel good when I’m writing, so to finish off that pass of the novel and not allow so much work to languish untouched for too long, will certain be a good thing.

My mother and I were not close. Not since I was 11 anyway, and I am now 36. It is not such a deep score in my heart as what it may have been had we had communication, had we not lived so far apart and such separate lives; but I did gain my love of books, reading, the arts, from her. For that, I shall always be grateful.

More shall come from Blake Rivers. Slowly, but certainly. I’ll get there.

My Best, Blake.