The Assassin Princess Novels

The Assassin Princess

An artist, a fantasist, a student, a girl…yet when Ami is stolen from her world and pursued by a malevolent stranger, she finds out she is no mere girl, and a dormant magic stirs.

The Assassin Princess is the first book in the series, telling of Ami’s adventures into the strange and magical lands of her own family’s legacy.

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A Step into Darkscape

Power breathes between the trees and the old shack lifts upon dead limbs…and Ami is drawn toward the dark magic, discovering another place just beyond the veil.

A Step into Darkscape is the second book in the series, following Ami’s journey into the darkest reaches and realms of power.

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Tales of Legacy

The Settlement of Edorus

The Caravan of Carelessness

The Musician’s Pride

As a companion set to the novel, The Assassin Princess, Blake Rivers has composed a collection of short stories that give voice to some of the other characters mentioned, but not featured, in the main novel.

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