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The town of Darkscape

Residing in another layer of the world to our own is the town of Darkscape, a settlement upon a hillside of an uncharted coast. Having grown over many hundreds of years, the town hosts its own market, shops and stalls, and appears self sufficient. But on the other side of the hill rises the tall palace of the Goddess Romany, who sustains and controls the townsfolk of Darkscape with her ancient followers, the Order of the Luna.

Overlooking the sea, a short distance from the town, is a temple said to be in honour of Romany and the ancient Order of the Luna, but it houses something much more mystical. A portal, and a step into Darkscape.


Bookshop of Britanus

Within Darkscape, off of the main thoroughfare, is a rare bookshop—rare in the fact that many of the townsfolk cannot read and therefore have no need of the old books within. It is owned by the town Scribbler, a man with a tale to tell and a large volume full of wondrous texts that involve both Romany, and the Assassin Princess.


Currington House & the Shack

Hidden away within our own layer is a large Manor House owned by an elderly brother and sister, Ben and Grammy Manning. While living in the house themselves, they rent out holiday cabins at the rear of the property close to a wild woodland.

It is here that Ami feels the pull of power-calling-power, and though she arrives at Currington House to retreat from living, the old shack within the wood calls her to adventure, its derelict rooms seething magic, its broken steps leading…somewhere.