The Creatures

from a step into darkscape novel

Stalking the inked paragraphs and pages of this book, are fantastic creatures of the night and the light.

Be they dark and monstrous, or gloriously found, what we know of them now is all written down.

The Creatures

The Dragø

Steeped in myth and legend, the townsfolk of Darkscape know of the great dragon, the Dragø, that once rose up from the valley river to destroy their humble settlement. According to the stories it flew and burnt up the populous, collecting the dead between the platelet armour of its tail to consume within its watery home.

The great beast’s only nemesis was the Goddess Romany, who challenged it with her power and fought it into retreat where it now stays trapped and entombed beneath the dark depths of the valley river.

But it is not dead, and the stories are not altogether true.


The Sentries

Not only the powerful light left in ancient, dead lands, but extinct beings that once populated and ruled the world entire before its split into layers.

Their mystery binds the power of the unicorns, Legacy and Ami herself.


The Unicorns

The unicorns live and breed within the Solancra Forest, within the same layer as Legacy.

Said to be an ancient creature, the unicorn is both powerful and wise, resembling a horse in almost every way. Although the unicorn can talk like any man or woman, there is only one that is known to be able to morph from unicorn into human form and back again.


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