The Characters

from a step into darkscape novel

Within the pages of this book, you will find dark adventures and ancient, magical mysteries involving our main characters, listed below.

There are no angels or devils to be found here though, only the innocent, the wronged, and the corrupted.

Main Characters

Ami Rose

Princess of a land lost without a ruler and charged with ancient, magical powers that have proved both good and ill, Ami is an artist struggling to find her place between two worlds: that of her former life of study and work, and that of her father’s legacy, the magic lands blighted by dark struggle and intrigue.

No matter what she does, Ami cannot find retreat from them both, for the power within her is drawn to its kin, and soon she must face her next challenge as the Assassin Princess.


Hero of the Guard

Hero captains the Guard of Legacy, but with Ami far away it falls to he and his Guards to find the source of the dark disturbances within their lands.

To aid Ami he must follow her into a layer of the world where ancient forces rule and find her before the Goddess Romany destroys them all.


Romany of Darkscape

A Goddess, an ancient being, a woman bent on the destruction of the infinite layers of reality, Romany dominates the town of Darkscape; but wants so much more. And when Ami enters her sights, she knows that she must have her and her power, or else kill her in the process.


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