a step into darkscape

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a step into darkscape

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Power breathes between the trees and the old shack lifts upon dead limbs…and Ami is drawn toward the dark magic, discovering another place just beyond the veil.

But when she is taken captive by an order of men, who serve a beautiful and dangerous tower-bound goddess, she must try to escape.

But beneath the layers, something turns.

Together with her companions, Hero, Raven and Florence, Ami confronts the mysteries of her own legend and comes face to face with the deadliest of adversaries: Romany.

A Step into Darkscape is the second book in the series, following Ami’s journey into the darkest reaches and realms of power.

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Guardians of life, when life was worth living, shepherded herds with hearts full of giving. Yet came a time when Being became, too large and power, too much to sustain. The world cracked and life all but shattered, the shell contained, broke pieces unnumbered.

A Step into Darkscape