Further Updates

Well hello there. I thought that I better write a quick blog post just as a further update to the previous update—suffice it to say that, I have not yet sat down to think about what my blog should focus on in the future. I will do. It’s coming. Just, my mind has been elsewhere recently.

And so, for the updates. (And yes, when the need arises, you can use and to begin a sentence. Creative licence.)

Books and stuff

I now have THE ASSASSIN PRINCESS and A STEP INTO DARKSCAPE available as an ebook, in paperback, and in hardcover also. You can find all these on the book pages on this website to find the format that is right for you. I also do a special hardcover copy that is so called: Signed Edition. Yes! This is a copy of each of the books that you can buy in dust jacket hardcover which cannot be purchased outside of this website. It will be signed by me, dedicated to you, and be specifically marked as a Signed Edition. How ostentatious is that! No, seriously, a great gift, a keep-sake, and easily accessible at £19.99 plus p&p.

Website and stuff

So, I have given the website an overhaul, going for an overall black motif. Hopefully, I have made the book pages a little easier to read, a little more accessible, and the exploration pages will get fuller and more expansive as time goes on. Obviously, the only purpose of the website is really to showcase my work in a central hub, and I hope it does that well.

Writing and stuff

I am still battling through a long process of re-draft editing THE ASSASSIN’S CODACI (I’m not sure what the technical term is, but in essence, making it the best it can be), and am at the latter stages of the second to third draft. It gets easier from this point onward (he says), and as you can see by my overuse of parenthesise in this blog post, my confidence levels are on the level of: sarcastic.

This book will be, and is, the third in THE ASSASSIN PRINCESS NOVELS series, and it really is coming together quite nicely. Words, plot, characters. A book emerges.

So, for now, that is it I feel. Update done and now, back to the work.

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